Frequently Asked Questions

Your most common questions answered.

Do you offer a Cloud / Hosted solution?

Yes, we do. Our Cloud solution offers the benefits of advanced security measures including data encryption, regular updates, and multi-factor authentication. By choosing our Cloud solution, businesses can avoid significant upfront hardware costs and benefit from the scalability of cloud pricing models. Plus, automatic backups are part of our hosted solution, ensuring that critical data is always safe and recoverable.

How can my business benefit from Dominion's solutions? 

DecisionComplete is geared towards making or facilitating decisions. It provides businesses with tools for credit scoring, risk assessment, application processing and decision automation.

LeaseComplete provides a core solution for managing leases and loans, including functionalities like lease / loan origination, tracking, maintenance, depreciation, usage, end-of-term handling, accounting and compliance management.

LC Portal is an online platform where users can view and manage their lease or loan, make payments, communicate with the lessor, view account statements, and more.

Support is very important to us. How does Dominion measure up? 

Dominion is known for its superior customer support, and we are proud of that fact. We offer training, provide quick response times, personalized and tailored solutions, and we are engaged in the process from start to finish.We believe in clear communication, open channels and timely feedback.

Our User Conference is a great opportunity for our customers to meet and share best practices. Continuous innovation based on market trends and customer feedback is ongoing. We regularly check and ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality.

How does Dominion handle small startup businesses compared to larger more established firms? 

Dominion offers clients a DominionLITE© solution, for startup businesses. This solution is still the robust, full-bodied solution that any business receives. The difference is that the client receives the base system and pricing, that can grow as your business grows. This allows you to select additional modules and/or add to the existing application when and as needed, which helps reduce training time, time to implement the system, and costs.