Grow your fleet with confidence.

Whether your owner operated fleet has a few lease-purchase agreements or hundreds, Dominion Software can easily manage the complexity of the entire lifecycle of your contracts.

Scale & Improve Operations: Increase the number of lease contracts while minimizing administrative burden

Accurately Track Inventory: Track unlimited vehicles assets per contract across multiple locations.

Protect Your Investment: Preserve the value of your assets by ensuring that repairs are conducted and funded.

Better Financial Tracking

Track contract changes, financial and edit history, while providing a comprehensive audit trail.

Mitigate Risk

Stay head of delinquent contracts by gaining visibility into real time accounting and contract data.

Asset Optimization

Efficiently manage vehicle assets and maximize utilization to generate higher returns.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your internal controls meet regulatory compliance and accounting best practices.

Removing roadblocks for drivers.

Running and effective lease purchase program can help you become a more attractive organization for owner operates. You'll need software that can help you provide:

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Enhanced Decision Making

Detailed analytics and reports regarding leasing activities can guide strategic decision-making on how to improve aspects of the program.

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Greater Communication and Transparency

Easy access to lease information can improve communication and transparency with the owner-operators, fostering better relationships.

What our clients say

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